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Landfill Directive Changes – two weeks in

From 30th October 2007, landfill sites have not been permitted to accept untreated waste as the final part of the Landfill Directive is implemented.

Tipping at a Landfill  Business waste producers will either need to treat their own waste or ensure it is treated by someone else before the final disposal at a landfill site.

Treatment is defined as “physical, thermal, chemical or biological processes (including sorting) that change the characteristics of waste in order to reduce its volume or hazardous nature, facilitate its handling or enhance recovery.”

You can do this yourself in simple ways such as collecting recyclable wastes separately – card, plastic, metals etc and making sure they are sent to a suitable recycling/reprocessing company.

The Environment Agency publication “Treatment of non-hazardous wastes for landfill” , sets out the regulatory requirements in a fairly simple way giving examples of several types of waste stream and accepted good practice.

Despite plenty of warning that the regulations will be implemented, it would seem that many businesses have been caught short. The emphasis is very much on the producer of the waste to get it right – this is how it should be.

What we have seen so far is little movement from small businesses to enquire what Widnes Skips is doing with their waste. The larger customers have, as expected, have requested breakdown of recovery/recycling rates to meet their obligation.

Widnes Skips sorts and separates all waste received at their transfer station at Ditton Road. We send over 80% of waste on for reprocessing or recycling. Less than 20% of waste is disposed of at a landfill site. This exceeds the requirements of the directive.

Our transfer station can accept many commercial, construction/demolition, domestic and light industrial waste streams. Call us and see if we can help improve your business’ environmental performance.


A Brief History

Widnes Skip & Reclaim Ltd has been established since 1999 but the Prescott family has been involved in the waste transport industry since 1930.

Fred Prescott started the business in the 1930’s with one tractor and one wagon and was the first in the Northwest UK to introduce the “Dempster Dumpster” waste container which can be described as the forefather of the modern day skip.
The business has been handed down three generations and has been involved in all aspects of road transportation and skip hire.

fred prescott waste services

Under the management of Nick Prescott, the Company has diversified into recovery of waste. Our Recycling Center in Widnes takes in large quantities of commercial, industrial and household waste. We regularly achieve recovery rates of over 80%, meaning less than 20% of waste is disposed of to landfill